I’ve been using Close as my CRM for the last couple of years and over that time I’ve accumulated a list of useful add-ons and services that I couldn’t do without. They range from simple hacks to complex systems with fantastic integrations.

99 Inbound

I know this is cheating a bit, but I built 99Inbound to solve a problem – how to allow website visitors to submit a form, and have that entry sync directly to close.com for a salesperson follow-up. I ran it for a year before making it publicly available, now I couldn’t do without it! I have used it for everything - landing pages, contact forms, webinar sign-up forms, and more. I have made it available for free, so check it out here.

Drip Emails

Drip Emails is a product that lets you send a series of automated emails to any lead in Close. This is great for controlling automated marketing campaigns right from Close, and because it sends the emails from Close they’re fully open-tracked and everything. Check it out here

Commission App

Commission App generates commisison reports for your sales team automatically. So no more exporting data to spreadsheets and fumbling around with it manually. Like Excel you can customize the calculations, so it’s pretty flexible. Check it out here


This isn’t a direct Close integration per-se, but a great way to manage bulk email with Close. By using the Mailgun for outgonig email you can more easily monitor the quality of your bulk email. Mailgun will track reputation metrics like how many emails bounce or get marked as spam, and will allow you to include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of all emails. It’s a must-have for proper compliant bulk emails. Check it out here