Supercharge your Forms

Capture form submissions without a backend. Sync to email, Slack, Mailchimp and More.

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How it works

Create a form

Use the 99Inbound UI to create a form or a form endpoint and create the fields you need.

Deploy online

Copy and paste some javascript, or use our POST endpoints in your existing forms.

Link apps

You can link your form to apps like Slack and Mailchimp in just a few clicks.

You're done!

Submit your form and you'll get your first email notification. No extra configuration required!

Features you'll love.

Form Builder

Create Bootstrap and Foundation native forms, embed with one line of code and no iFrames.

Auto Responder

Respond to submissions with a branded email and optional attachment.

App Integrations

Connect apps like Mailchimp and to fit any workflow.


Notify co-workers of new submissions by email or Slack.

Form Submission API

Each endpoint provides a JSON interface so you can submit data programatically from anywhere.

Multi-site forms

Deploy the same form in multiple places to re-use existing logic.

The seamless nature of the service has saved my team a ton of time manually inserting lead data into our CRM and the quick notifications means our response time has dramatically decreased. This has directly resulted in more sales and productivity.

Justin Bowman - President of Arcdyn, Inc

App Integrations


Subscribe users to your marketing lists when they submit the form.

Create a lead for each new submission, set custom fields, lead status, opportunities, and more.


Post a notification to slack when you receive new form submissions so you never miss a beat.


Autorespond to form submissions or send email notifications for new entries.

Extend your forms by syncing submissions to third party apps. All paid plans come with unlimited app integrations.

Use app integrations to

  • Create inbound leads for your sales team

    Create a lead in your CRM and assign it to a teammate.

  • Build a newsletter

    Add subscribers to a mailing list or newsletter.

  • Collect pre-orders

    Easily capture customer interest for an upcoming product or service.

  • Distribute whitepapers

    Automatically respond to material requests, and log the request in your CRM.

  • Provide customer support

    Easily capture and respond to customer suggestions.


All plans come with a 15 day free trial and a moneyback satisfaction guarantee.


  • 2 Forms
  • Unlimited submissions
  • Slack and email
  • Get Started


  • 5 Forms
  • Unlimited submissions
  • Unlimited app integrations
  • Get Started


  • 12 Forms
  • Unlimited submissions
  • Unlimited app integrations
  • Get Started


  • 35 Forms
  • Unlimited Submissions
  • Unlimited app integrations
  • Get Started

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