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Form Builder

Build a great looking form in 5 minutes with our intuitive UI

Hosted Forms

Share a link to your form directly without having to embed it in your website

Auto Responder

Respond to submissions with a branded email and optional attachment

App Integrations

Connect apps like Mailchimp and to fit any workflow


Notify co-workers of new submissions by email or Slack


Choose from a range of themes to make your forms look awesome

How it works

Create a form

Use the 99Inbound form builder to easily create a great looking form.

Publish your form

Add the form to your website or share a direct link.

Add some apps

Link your form to apps like Slack and Mailchimp in just a few clicks.

Get submissions

Receive notifications by email, or view them right in the app.

App Integrations

Extend your forms by syncing submissions to third party apps. 
All paid plans come with unlimited app integrations.

Get sales leads

Create a lead in your CRM and auto assign it to a teammate.

Build a newsletter

Add subscribers to a mailing list or newsletter.

Collect pre-orders

Easily capture customer interest for an upcoming product or service.

Distribute materials

Automatically respond to requests, and log the request in your CRM.

Receive reservations

Start receiving online reservations in minutes.

99Inbound integrates with


Subscribe users to your marketing lists when they submit the form.

Create a lead for each new submission, set custom fields, lead status, and more.


Post a notification to slack when you receive new form submissions so you never miss a beat


Autorespond to form submissions or send email notifications for new entries.

The seamless nature of the service has saved my team a ton of time manually inserting lead data into our CRM and the quick notifications means our response time has dramatically decreased. This has directly resulted in more sales and productivity.

Justin Bowman

President of Arcdyn, Inc

On submission, 99Inbound will

  • Send you an email with some useful cheese resources.
  • Add you to my CRM with the lead status of 'Inbound Lead'.
  • Record your comments on the lead directly.
  • Post a message in my slack room informing me of the new lead.
  • Send me an email if something goes wrong (it won't :-).

A Cheesy Example

Developer Friendly

Build a custom integration in minutes

Form Endpoints

Point an existing form at 99Inbound to give it superpowers without compromising your design.

Native Forms

Create forms with Bootstrap or Foundation markup that effortlessly blend with the style of your website.


$FREE / Month
  • 2 Forms
  • 100 Entries / Month
  • Basic Email & Slack
$7 / Month
  • 5 Forms
  • 1k Entries / Month
  • Custom Email & Slack
  • No 99Inbound Branding
$16 / Month
  • 20 Forms
  • 5k Entries / Month
  • All Integrations
  • No 99Inbound Branding
  • Auto Responder
$35 / Month
  • 50 Forms
  • 20k Entries / Month
  • All Integrations
  • No 99Inbound Branding
  • Auto Responder
  • Custom Webhooks

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