Base is an on-line customer relationship management platform (CRM) famous for it’s slick design and ease of use for small and medium teams.

While there are many tools that integrate with Base, none provide the ability to easily deploy sales forms that link directly with Base and allow you to easily collect leads from your website.

Quality Sales forms for Base CRM

Today I’m announcing the availability of the Base CRM integration for 99Inbound. With only 2 minutes you can:

  1. Create a great looking sales form
  2. Install it on your website
  3. Link it to Base, so new submissions become leads directly in your CRM
  4. Start to profit from your new leads

Check out the 99Inbound documentation for detailed instructions on how to do this (spoiler alert: it’s pretty easy).

Use cases for Base sales forms

You can use the 99Inbound Base integration to:

  • Distribute white papers and materials on your website and follow up directly from Base
  • Build a simple demo request form that alerts sales staff of new queries
  • Survey existing customers for feedback
  • Supercharge your existing forms by adding Base CRM syncing

Learn More

Check out the 99Inbound documentation, or sign-up for an account and start playing around with the integration.