Form Endpoint API

Go serverless with our robust form backend and JSON API. No iframes or JavaScript libraries required.

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Form Endpoint API Example

Using our form endpoint API is easy

Read the full walkthrough in our documentation

Build a form however you like

Create your online form using your own HTML and CSS, and get it looking just right.

Add the API endpoint to your form

Copy and paste the endpoint URL into your form, or use the JSON API from JavaScript.

Configure form submission behavior

Decide how to react to submissions, setup email notifications, send slack messages, and choose which apps to integrate with.

Collect form submissions

Start receiving live submissions. Maybe go get a coffee and a bagel because that’s it, you’re done!

Easily integrate our form endpoint API into any workflow

form embedding

Install the endpoint directly into your form

Add the endpoint URL into your form as the form target, 99Inbound will handle the submission and display a thank-you message to the user.

curl form endpoint api curl-screenshot

Use the endpoint like a regular API

Hit the endpoint URL with JSON and it will return a JSON response. Use in both the front-end or back-end with any language.

Form Features

All forms on the 99Inbound form platform get access to the same great features, regardless of whether you create a form with the Form Builder or the Form Endpoint API.

Email Notifications

Receive an email every time a form is submitted.

Slack Notifications

Receive a message in any Slack room whenever a form is submitted

Auto Responder

Follow up form submissions with an automated email to talk about next steps

Custom Message

After a user submits a form, they see this message. Tailor it to your needs

Spam Filtering

Stop bots from submitting your forms and filling your database with junk data


We'll send entry details to your HTTP endpoint for every submission received

App Integrations

Connect your form to thousands of third party apps, and push data to them in real time

Landing Pages

Dedicated, hosted webpages for your forms that you can share directly

Mobile Friendly

Forms look great on any device and scale as you change screen size.

Form Submission Redirects

Redirect users to a new webpage once they have submitted your form.

Custom Branding

Add your own logo to branding pages to make them your own.

Form Embedding

Embed forms natively into your website with one line of code.

Form Endpoint API embed code

Not a designer or developer?

Use our drag-and-drop form builder to create the perfect form without writing any code.

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