Lead Capture Forms For Close.io

Create a lead in Close.io when a user submits a form, get notified by Slack or email

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How it works

1. Connect Close.io

Copy and paste an API Key from your close.io settings page

2. Build a form

Make your perfect form with our easy to use form builder.

3. Add Extras

Notifications, opportunity creation, slack notifications, and more.

4. Get Leads

Your form starts capturing quality leads, directly into Close.io

Close.io Features

We've spent a long time enhancing our Close.io integration to give you ultimate flexibility to create and manage your leads the way you want to.

Lead Creation

New submissions create a lead and add a note with all the form values.

Field Mapping

Have form fields map to lead fields, contact fields, custom fields, or none. Your call.

Opportunity Creation

Automatically create an opportunity for new inbound leads and assign a co-worker.

Lead Tagging

All inbound leads are tagged with the originating form in a custom field, so organizing leads is easy.

Preset Values

Tag all leds with some preset values common to every submission.

Multiple Accounts

Connect as many Close.io accounts as you like, no limitations.

Got Markup?

Use form endpoints to process entries from your existing forms, no futzing around required. Simply swap your form's METHOD and you're done. 99Inbound will handle the rest. Learn more

A Cheesy Example

Submit this form to learn about cheese via the 99Inbound auto-responder.

On submission 99Inbound will:

  • Send you an email with cheese resources.

  • Add you to my CRM (Close.io) with the lead status of 'Inbound Lead'.

  • Record your comments on the lead directly.

  • Post a message in my slack room informing me of the new lead.

  • Send me an email if something goes wrong with Close.io.

Tip: Try entering some invalid information -- 99Inbound automatically handles required fields and field validation for emails, phone numbers, and more.


All plans come with a 15 day free trial and a moneyback satisfaction guarantee.


  • 2 Forms
  • Unlimited submissions
  • Slack and email
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  • 5 Forms
  • Unlimited submissions
  • Unlimited app integrations
  • Get Started


  • 12 Forms
  • Unlimited submissions
  • Unlimited app integrations
  • Get Started


  • 35 Forms
  • Unlimited Submissions
  • Unlimited app integrations
  • Get Started

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