If you have a ‘contact sales’ form on your site you need to make sure that your sales team sees and responds to any requests as soon as possible.

The best way to do this is to make sure a lead is created in your CRM (in this case Close) as soon as the form is submitted. This keeps everything in one place.

Building a Contact Form

99Inbound lets you build a free contact form and link it to Close. We can use this to build a CRM enabled contact-us form in about 5 minutes. The end result will look something like this:

Form preview

To get started simply:

  • Create a free 99Inbound account
  • Link Close by copying your API key
  • Click ‘new form’, and you’re 90% finished.

99Inbound is built for Close, so you map form fields directly to Close fields. In this case I’ve mapped the ‘message’ textarea to the lead description in Close, so we’ll see it top and center in the Close lead view.


99Inbound also lets us map form fields to custom Close fields, so if you have some more specific information you want to collect you can prompt visitors for it directly. You can see this in action in my guide to using white-papers with Close, where we prompt visitors for their favorite cheese in order to better qualify them.

Once you have finished your form, you can simply paste the form code into your website wherever you want the contact form to appear. You can see a finished example on the 99Inbound website.


With website contacts going directly into your sales pipeline you’ll be able to better track and manage them. This means closing more deals and making more sales.

If you also use Slack you can also configure 99Inbound to message you when the form is submitted, so you’ll be able to respond even quicker.

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