Hey folks,

When I launched 99Inbound in 2017 I was scratching my own itch for connecting web forms with Close. Since then the product demands and your feature requests have expanded the business beyond what I first imagined! I’ve been so excited to have been able to continually expand the product beyond that first release!

Last year our user base grew by almost 4x and I realized that I needed a dedicated team to give 99Inbound proper attention and take it to its full potential. The timing couldn’t have been better when Furious Collective called to propose acquiring 99Inbound. After getting to know Dave Kloba and Rob Meinhardt, the co-founders of Furious Collective, I quickly realized that I had found a perfect match.

Dave and Rob are experienced entrepreneurs who know how to build great businesses. They were both on the founding teams of successful startups AvantGo (IPO in 2000) and KACE (acquired by Dell in 2010). I believe they have the vision and know-how necessary to take 99Inbound forward.

I’m excited to see what 99Inbound can accomplish in its new home as part of the Furious Collective of companies.

– Matthew

If you haven’t tried 99Inbound, give it a try!