I’m happy to announce the beta launch of 99Inbound, the best way to capture form submissions as leads in Close. I created 99Inbound because I myself needed a straightforward way of taking webform submissions and adding them to Close – without having to use several services to stitch everything together, or paying through the teeth for an ‘enterprise’ solution.

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How It Works

Build a web-form in 99Inbound, link it to your Close account, then embed it in your webpage. That’s it.

Now any time it is submitted you will get a lead in your Close account. Plus you can add custom fields to your form and map them to Close fields or custom variables.

Forms come with either Bootstrap or Foundation CSS classes, so they use your existing website styles, which means they don’t look out of place.

I’m using it in production at my start-up Beekeeper Data. One example is us using it to distribute a white paper.

Use Cases

99Inbound is useful anytime you need to capture user information and have it sync to Close, but here are some specific use cases.

Contact Forms

Create a simple contact form for sales inquiries. This way any inquiries go into your inbound workflow and can be handled without any manual copy-paste.

White Paper or Ebook Distribution

By providing a free download on a useful subject you can encourage website visitors to give you their contact information. By collecting this information through 99Inbound their details will auto-sync to Close. Plus 99Inbound’s auto-responder can automatically send them the link to the EBook or White-paper that you’re looking to distribute.

Event Registration

I’ve found Close to be the best place to manage many types of contacts, including for small informational events in the local area. Using 99Inbound lets you provide a registration flow without having to manage a third party system.


I’m expanding on features all the time, but I’m launching the beta with a stable set of powerful features:

  • Close sync - all submissions sync to Close immediately
  • Slack Notifications - get notified when a form is submitted
  • Auto Responder - respond to submitters with a custom message (great for delivering white papers)
  • Bootstrap and Foundation Native - Forms are provided with either Bootstrap classes or Foundation classes so they look totally native on your website
  • Multi-Account - connect multiple Close and Slack accounts
  • Custom Submission Message - provide a personal message on form submission, displayed where the form used to be
  • Custom field support - map any form field to a Close custom text field
  • Unlimited form fields - add as many fields as you want, mark as required or optional
  • Field validation - validate inputs like numbers, emails, or telephone numbers

Sign-Up For Free

I’m offering the service for free during an open beta period. So there’s no reason to not sign up today and start capturing inbound leads.

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